MYTHPOCALYPSE on comiXology!


The first issue of MTHPOCALYPSE is now available to buy on comiXology! Featuring a stunning cover by Morrighan Corbel and containing two short stories with art by Alex Smith and Claudio Munoz and lettered by April Brown.

Mazes and Motorcycles
Two stories set in a post-apocalyptic landscape filled with creatures from myth and legend. In the first story, "Ghost Riders on the 405," with art by Alex Smith, is the tale of a man who returns after years away to face the headless riders he encountered in his youth. In the second, "Bulls on Parade, Men on the Run," with art by Claudio Munoz, has two lovers captured by the Minotaurs who control the ruins of downtown Chicago and forced to run through the maze they've created.

Thacher Cleveland