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The world as we know it is over. Minotaurs, mermaids, and countless other creatures from myth and legend have destroyed it and now live in the ashes of human civilization. Scattered and helpless, mankind must struggle to survive against an overwhelming tide of magical beings while trying to reclaim the earth. If they can't, human beings will end up being just another myth.

A collection of short stories, featuring “Bulls on Parade, Men on the Run” by artist Claudio Munoz and “Ghost Riders on the 405” by artist Alex Smith.


Adapted from the short stories by E. Nesbit, THE BOOK OF DRAGONS brings her classic tales to the comics medium for the first time! With tales of books full of monsters, whirlpool entrapments, city-eating dragons, and many very clever children, Nesbit’s timeless tales are reinvented for a new generation.

“He took it outside to the terrace, where the moonlight was as bright as day, and he opened the book, and saw the empty pages with ‘Butterfly’ and ‘Blue Bird of Paradise’ underneath, and then he turned the next page. There was some sort of red thing sitting under a palm tree, and under it was written ‘Dragon.’” Featuring my story “The Island of Seven Whirlpools” with artist Russell Hossain.




MONSTROLOGY is a collection of horror stories that mix and match monsters in different milieus to bring out new and interesting twists in an anthology of monster stories unlike any other. Featuring stories by Andrew Foley (Cowboys & Aliens), Joey Esposito (Footprints), and Erica Heflin (Flesh of White), along with an introduction by Dave Elliott (A1, Monster Massacre), MONSTROLOGY is a unique and challenging collection. It includes my story, “Darkest Corners,” with art by Ferando Cano, which The Weekly Crisis called “one of the top stories.”

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