My first novel, a horror story of a teenage boy stalked by supernatural killer published in 2011 on Amazon and Smashwords.

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“Shadow of the Past” reads like the monstrous offspring of a Stephen King book and a John Hughes movie. It is as much about the horror of adolescence, as it a work of speculative fiction.
– Gwyneth via Goodreads

“Shadow of the past is creepy, seriously creepy. Like, stop reading, look around, make sure you’re still alone, and then wish someone else was home with you creepy.” – Jennifer via Goodreads

“Shadow of the Past will make you laugh and then completely creep you out a page or two later.” – Kelly via Smashwords

An ongoing monthly supernatural adventure short story series begun in June of 2012 featuring occult private investigators Lexie Winston & Henry Churchill.

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NEVER LET GO: Free on Amazon & Smashwords

A LOVE SUPREME: 99 cents on Amazon & Smashwords

HEART OF SUFFERING*: 99 cents on Smashwords

AN EQUAL SHARING OF MISERIES: 99 cents on Smashwords

SUMMER OF SINS: The First Winston & Churchill collection has the first four stories and is available exclusively on Amazon!



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