Super-Fly Podcast #97: C2E2 Special

It’s time once again for the Super-Fly Crew to meet in Chicago and all be in the same room again to recap the event that was C2E2. We talk Diamond Retailer Summit, the show floor, who we met and more! Special guests include First Aid Comics’ own Kenny Taylor (thesassyblacknerd on tumblr, @DoctorTheeKenye on Twitter), Super-Fly customer/hired gun Brian Bryan Hawke (he’s on tumblr somewhere, @batmanjohnson on Twitter) and a cameo by PCW host Gavin (he is not on tumblr, but is @alphanaught on Twitter)!!

Opening music: BadBadNotGood – Salmonella

Closing music: BadBadNotGood – Listeriosis

Super-Fly Podcast #98

The week after C2E2 and the crew is still a little loopy. This week, we talk how we did at the big show and the shows we’re going to be at this year, Chris Roberson taps out of DC over the Before Watchmen books, Mark Waid and digital comics and other random stuff. Did I mention this show was random? Because it was. (editors note: we talked for about ten minutes about the girl from Real World Seattle that got slapped in the face)

Opening music: Deftones – Around the Fur

Closing music: Death Grips – The Fever (Aye Aye)

Be sure to check the hashtag #SuperFlyPodcast on Twitter and follow along with the show.

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