This Week in Things I Did

Kind of a lot going on this week, which is cool.

First up a bunch of stuff this weekend I had my hand in for Panels on Pages. First up was an article/interview with Rusty Shackles about his PaletteSwap art blog (which takes old video game box and has artists re-imagine/reinterpret it) which was doing a Halloween Art Jam of horror themed games like this one from Rusty, doing Castlevania.

In addition, we do a Fangirl of the Month feature on the site and I found this month’s Fangirl, Jamila Rowser of the Girl-Gone_Geek blog. She’s pretty cool and you should check her out.

Then there was my regular stuff, like my column Back in the Game (this week’s being about how my old shop was selling more copies of Strawberry Shortcake than Wolverine) and my hosting duties on the Super-Fly Comics Podcast (where we talked about the conclusion to the Super-Fly vs Wizard/Mid-Ohio Con beef, the aforementioned Strawberry Shortcake vs Wolverine and the psychiatrists who want DC to be more realistic in their depictions of the criminally insane). Since it’s kind of impossible for me to not jump at the chance to talk about things, I accepted the call to co-host the main Panels on Pages PoP!-Cast since the 11th Hour were unavailable. It was a slow news week, but you do get to find out which of my Super-Fly co-hosts I’d make a skin-suit out of, my financial destituteness and I still managed to talk a lot about comics I haven’t read yet. You can listen & subscribe to all the shows on the PoP!-Cast Network on iTunes.

In non comics news, Misty reviewed my horror novel SHADOW OF THE PAST on her blog, KindleObsessed, giving it 4 out of 5 stars. It’s a great review, and while there were some parts she didn’t enjoy I love hearing someone say they couldn’t put it down, as well as “that was freaking fantastic” and “the story was a very well thought out and intricate one.” I assure you those quotes aren’t completely taken out of context. I’m well aware that the book, with teenage protagonists and more than it’s fair share of “self-loathing monologues,” has aspects that aren’t for everyone but I’d like to think there’s enough violence, humor and mystery to make it entertaining for most (and maybe, if you’re really unlucky, you’ll find something from your own teenage years you can relate to).

SHADOW OF THE PAST is still available on Amazon and Smashwords for only 99 cents. I’m still serializing my next novel, THE CORNER, here on the site with a new chapter every Saturday.

My comic, THE ROBOZOIC AGE is still coming along (pages from the artist J.C. Grande arrived in my email today) and I also decided to push/punish myself by participating in 30 Characters, the month long challenge for comic people to create a new character for every day in November. I’m already a day behind, but I’m looking to correct that once I’m done with this little warm up. It’s mostly artists that take up the challenge, but occasionally writers like me jump in. I’m still working out exactly how I want to do this, but I think some with be little snippets of stories, some will be full short stories and others I may try out a weird “text-trailer” kind of thing, where there’s some over-arcing narration and short little scenes picked out from what would be a larger story. I’ll try to avoid using “In a world…”

So yeah. November, it looks like you’re going to try to kill me. I look forward to it.

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