Super-Fly Podcast Episode 116

The Super-Fly Podcast Episode 116

This week, it’s all about Super-Fly’s 5th anniversary sale, the millions of dollars that Tony and Jared made, the rap show with Adam WarRock, Mikal kHill and Tribe One, (and a surprise verse by JFX316!!!) Jared wanting to be a Canadian god and the monthly Previews Preview show sandwiched in there somewhere. Also, talking to chairs, could Mitt Romney save Spawn, middle easterners looking like football players and a dude beating a dude with another dude that totally breaks Jared’s mind. Listen in. We gets money…..  (Also you get to hear me once again go ape-shit about how I hate that two-timing motherfucker Archie Andrews. Ladies, you’re better than that!)

The Super-Fly Podcast : Show us the long form tax returns, chair!!

Opening music: Adam WarRock – Wizards is Paris

Closing music: Adam WarRock – Ron Fucking Swanson

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Note: This and every PoP!-Cast is earmarked by iTunes as “explicit” and is intended for mature audiences. The rest of Panels on Pages is reasonably safe for all-ages.


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