Super-Fly Podcast #21, brief updates and a political message

Things are chugging along on the artist hunt front for THE ROBOZOIC AGE and hopefully I’ll have some stuff to show folks soon. In the meantime, here’s the latest Super-Fly Podcast where things get…well, they get pretty weird.

The Super-Fly Podcast Episode 21

After a skip week, we come back to attempting to do out Previews Preview show, but Diamond flunks it up, Travis sums up a month full of absence in less than 10 mins, Tony might have gone to a show and Tad listens to Day Above Ground’s viral for all the wrong reasons video for “Asian Girlz”. It’s a tough one, folks. Hold tight and we’ll make it through together.

The Super-Fly Podcast: We know what the word “satire” means.

Closing music: Nostromo – Lightspeed Copulation

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I was poking around and found this again, which is still hilarious and awful, but carries a good message: If you like the show, talk about it, share it and leave a review for it on iTunes or the podcast thingymawhatsit of your choice. This also proves I’ve been using “Call a buddy, bring a friend” to promote the show for nearly three years now.

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