SUMMER OF SINS: The First Winston & Churchill Collection

With NYCC behind me it’s now time to focus on other work and that includes the on-going Winston & Churchill series. Last Monday AN EQUAL SHARING OF MISERIES, the fourth Winston & Churchill case debuted on Smashwords and just yesterday the collection of the first four Winston & Churchill stories, SUMMER OF SINS, debuted exclusively on Amazon.

A big part of the Winston & Churchill adventure for me has been finding the best possible way to get these stories into people’s hands. I’m not 100% sure on which way is best yet, but I do know that at the 99 cent price point that the individual stories are I get a better a royalty rate from Smashwords and at the $2.99 price point I get a slightly better rate at Amazon. I’ve heard from some folks that it’s been difficult to get transactions completed through Smashwords, which is why the second W&C story has been up on there. Now, with SUMMER OF SINS being an Amazon exclusive I can try out their KDP Select service, which also makes material free for Amazon Prime members (and more importantly I still get paid). I’ve never been 100% sold on Amazon’s business practices even though I do agree with their pricing strategy for eBooks. There’s been a lot of debate in the publishing world about the merits of KDP select and while I’m a bit skeptical of being completely exclusive to one site it seems like something worth trying out, especially since Amazon Prime get a chance to try it for free. As an Amazon Prime member myself I’d forgotten about this little gem so I’m eager to try more books through them once I’ve finished what I’m reading now (which you can find out about if you stalk my author page on Goodreads).

In any case, SUMMER OF SINS is the first third of this year’s monthly Winston & Churchill stories, covering May through August and also includes a new afterword from me that’s talks about how I came to work on these stories and eventually chose to present them this way. I will say as exciting as this journey was initially things have begun to slow down a little which has been a bit of a bummer. I’d love to hear feedback, positive or negative, from folks about these stories that I can apply to the upcoming stories. I’m not entirely sure when the next story, A SHADOW UPON THE SCENES, will be coming out but no later than Thanksgiving. We’ll see how that goes. There will be two other collections, Fall and Winter also with four stories, and then we’ll see where we are with the series after that.

The MONSTROLOGY Kickstarter will likely go up in the next couple of days so between those two things I expect you’ll see a lot of me flogging my stuff over the next month or so. I’d say I’m sorry but let’s be realistic: I’m trying to break out all over the place. It’s this or a slow slide into alcoholism. ;)

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