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SUMMER OF SINS, the first collection of my occult/supernatural short story series featuring private investigators Lexie Winston and George Churchill is free on Amazon through this weekend.

From the jacket copy:

Lexie Winston & Henry Churchill are private investigators who specialize in paranormal and occult phenomenon. From people that think they or their loved ones are the victims of black magic to finding missing people that have had a run-ins with all manner of supernatural creatures to exorcisms to mystical artifact retrieval and disposal. This pair of mismatched detectives is ready to face anything the secret world of the supernatural can throw at them…for a price. Even if it’s their souls.

This is a collection of the first four Winston & Churchill stories, including a new afterword by the author. The stories in the collection include.

– NEVER LET GO: When Lexie and Henry are contacted by a man who’s worried about his wife after the loss of their son, they realize some people will go to any lengths to be reunited with the ones they love. Beyond murder, beyond sanity and into the realm of pure evil.

– A LOVE SUPREME: A young woman’s father hires the two private investigators after his daughter goes missing, last seen in an underground nightclub dazed and drugged out of her mind. To get her back they’re going to have to shoot, kick, stab and magic their way past a small army of thugs and their boss, a man with blood red eyes, razor white teeth and a voice that can make anyone do anything he wants.

– HEART OF SUFFERING: When a young woman is stalked by her ex-boyfriend who’s taken to magic as the means for revenge over a heart break, Lexie Winston & Henry Churchill have to divide and conquer against two threats that jeopardize not only their lives but their souls as they face demons, danger and desperation.

– AN EQUAL SHARING OF MISERIES: In the aftermath of a botched immigration raid, a supernatural force that preys on the living is released. Lexie Winston & Henry Churchill must figure out what it is with the help of a grief-stricken ICE agent out for revenge. Can they save an man’s life from being devoured while protecting an innocent victim while facing the doubts and lack of trust creeping into their partnership?

I was originally publishing one story a month in “real time” but that ended up not going so well for me. I am, however, getting back in the saddle with A SHADOW UPON THE SCENES, which will follow the same format as the others and hopefully we can get back on track.

Life, man. Sometimes life really sucks.

As an aside, one of the things that threw me was Hurricane Sandy. Since the series was set in New York and taking place in specific months over the course of a year when Sandy hit I wasn’t sure if I should include it as a part of the story (as it’s something that happened that month) or ignore it since including it anchors the stories to a specific time. I kind of left that interfere with my planning for future stories and then found myself down a deep hole of my own indecision. Ultimately I don’t think I am going to include Sandy as a plot point and continue own with my original plans.

Having said that I hope you take a look at the series, read it and enjoy it. If you do enjoy it please take the time to write a review of it, maybe tell a friend or consider picking up something else of mine (like my horror novel SHADOW OF THE PAST, also on Amazon). Once again big thanks to Jason Knize of The 11th Hour for the great covers on these (except for Heart of Suffering, which I did and is significantly less great)

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