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– It has been a busy summer thus far. Not in the racing around, vacationing kind of way but a slow, steady drumbeat of self-imposed deadlines and projects that I've been hopping back and forth. It's a good thing, for sure, as I've gotten the first MYTHPOCALYPSE story "Bulls on Parade, Men on the Run," lettered and available as an ashcan for sale at the shows I've been going to this summer (Wizard World Columbus, Hypericon in Nashville, and Wizard World Chicago this next week). The next two stories, "Ghost Riders on the 405" and "Under the C-Line" are out to artists and I hope to have done in the fall. Even better, the most recent Winston & Churchill story "A Bodyguard of Lies" was completed and the next collection of stories FALL OF SHADOWS was released in print and eBook form. I've also gone back and made all of the individual stories Kindle exclusives so you can read them all for free on Kindle Unlimted if that's your thing. Then, when you've done that, you can order yourself a nice flashy paperback to put on your shelf and go "Ah yes, now those were some fun horror adventure stories! Gosh, I can't wait until the next one comes out!" Well, if you do like reading them in episodic fashion the next story, "The Lamentable Catalog" will be out this fall. When the final four stories wrap up Lexie and Henry's first year of adventures the final book in the "seasonal trilogy," DEAD OF WINTER, will be released. Yes, I skipped Spring. Perhaps I'll do a special Spring collection at some point just to confuse people further down the road.

– As I said above, I'm still hitting the convention trail. The next show will be Wizard World Chicago August 23trd through the 26th and after that I'm looking at Imaginarium in Louisville, KY and the Full Moon Horror & Tattoo Festival in Nashville. There may be some other shows but at that point I may be well for a short fall/winter's nap for convention-ing until the beginning of the year. Not that I won't be busy as I have a couple of other irons in the fire, including a new project with "Bulls on Parade" artist Claudio Munoz that I've been looking to get off the ground for a good few years now. I'm excited to see what he and colorist Kote Carvajal will do with it.

– A lot of my energy in this last little bit of the summer has been going into playing Deputy Governor Danforth in a production of the The Crucible at my local theater. It's a juicy role and my first foray into drama so when the opportunity came to pick my role I was eager to tackle and delightfully villainous role. However, between studying for that and watching nearly all of "A Handmaid's Tale" my thoughts on religion and society are even more skewed toward "Yuck" than usual.

– Personally, things have been going pretty good as well. I've been trying to be healthier and have been losing a bit of weight (and then finding it again, and then slowly losing it again) and that's always a bit of uphill climb. This past May the girlfriend and I went to Disney and Universal in Orlando with her family for her and her brother's birthday. It was my first time going to any of those parks and it was quite a sight. I may have left with a bit of an enamel pin collection which is cool until you realize you don't really have a lot of places to put them. At least soon it'll be hoodie weather down here in the South so I'll be able to display them then. I haven't been playing as much D&D as I would have liked but I'm still doing some map-making for my long-imagined and finally realized fantasy world. I'd love to do more stuff with this in story and comic form, as well as trying to create an actual playable environment for people to enjoy. All of this behind the scenes work and running my campaign in this world has me really itching to just play with a group, but then I look at my schedule and go…yeah, maybe not.

– I'm looking to expand my social media footprint but see the above about time and like. I'm getting back into posting and (mostly) reading Twitter, although the latest debacle on there with Alex Jones and some proposed changes leave it with a bad taste in my mouth. I'm on Tumblr a lot but that ends up being kind of personal at times…although let's face it, keeping your personal life out of being an independent artist is really hard. I know I have a tendency to overshare at times but I also…don't care? My days of posting NSFW content on there are pretty much behind me as I know that's not everyone's cup of tea and I'll be posting this separately on there as well. Maybe I just need to expand my net instead of thinking of a single-shot solution. Granted, I should take that advice in pretty much every aspect of my life. I was told by someone earlier in the week that my website is "a mess" and, well…they aren't wrong. There's a lot that needs to happen there, beginning with a complete teardown and starting over to make it a lot more streamlined and easier to use.

All things considered, that's a  pretty admirable goal.

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