Rusty Nail

“For all your transport, courier and shipping needs inside and out of Ten Islands, look no further than Rusty Nail Transport! We’ll get it there or die trying!*

*Crew member deaths will result in forfeiture of hazardous transport deposit and may result in additional fees


-From Rusty Nail Transport & Shipping Co. ads in Ten Islands NewsWire, week of 14/24/635

The ladies of  the Rusty Nail Transport & Shipping will fly anything and anyone anywhere…for price. On a world where the humans of the Ten Islands Association are stuck between the fascistic and weasel-like Verrid Empire and the reptilian fanatics of the Ghavian Brotherhood every journey could be their last. Nilah, Shannon and Tina are going to need every bit of brains, brawn and bullets to survive their latest job: tracking down a lost expedition that was in search of an artifact coveted by Verrid Sky Pirates and Ghavian Inquisitors.

Artwork from the Rusty Nail, a comic by me and artist Michelle Sciuto. I’m excited for folks to see this come to fruition. :)

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Thacher E. Cleveland is a contributing writer & columnist for, co-host of the Super-Fly Comics & Games PodCast, novelist & comic creator. Originally from New Jersey and previously from Yellow Springs, Ohio, he currently lives in Chicago. You can find him on Twitter (@demonweasel), tumblr, his personal website and even on Google+

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