Priming the Pump, Pulling the Trigger, Pumping the Brakes

Lots of ups and downs lately. There are times where I feel the need to keep this page all stuffy and professional and not spend a whole bunch of time dwelling on “other stuff” but I guess this isn’t one of those times. When it comes down to it all the “other stuff” affects the “professional stuff” so there’s not much cause for keeping them separate.

Since last we spoke I put the finishing touches on a twelve-page comic script that’s going to be illustrated by Fernando Cano and appearing in an as-of-yet untitled horror anthology that will be funded through Kickstarter. The theme of the anthology was pairing monsters with locations and our was “blob” and “underground.” I’m quite happy with how the story came out, and the art that Fernando is turning in has me very excited for it. Well, see for yourself…

I’m not sure when the Kickstarter will go live, but I’m sure you’ll hear from me when it does. Not just because I’ll want your help to fund it but to just show off the cover art that’s being used. It’s by the artist of one of my favorite webcomics and is damn impressive. They saw you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but in this case maybe you should make an exception. In addition to my story, there are 11 others and from what I’ve seen they’re all pretty rad as well.

Yes, I said “rad.” I stand by that.

Other than that things have been…slow on the writing front. The “Real life” stuff has been rearing its head in good and bad ways and it’s been affecting my work output more than I’d like. The good is the fact that I’m moving in with my girlfriend on the first of May. It’ll be great not just for the schmoopie romantic reasons but because it’ll alleviate the transit time to see each other, and the planning and time management that comes with “dating” instead of living together. So that’ll help things.

The bad ways…well, it’s more of a bunch of little things rather than earth shattering horribleness. I suppose that’d be a plus, but with a lot of little fires to put out everything feels exhausting. I don’t really know how to recharge myself but I’m going to have to try. There’s a lot of stuff that I’ve put on my plate and I need to find better ways to try to tackle them, as sorting and worrying about everything I want to do has become a task that’s far too draining than it should be. I have still been keeping up with the Super-Fly Podcast and we’re closing in on 100 episodes. So that’s an achievement of sorts.

When it comes to what to write I find myself cycling around the same “Comics vs Prose” debate. It should be no debate because I love doing them both but I often find myself worried that if I don’t pick the right thing to focus on I’m going to miss opportunities with the other. Of course prose is easiest to work on by myself since I’m constantly trying to find people to collaborate on comics with. It’s all very troubling that it’s so hard to not only choose what projects to work on but also that I can’t find time to do both. Something has to give, but at the very least I feel very positive about the anthology story and the opportunities and exposure that may lead to. I feel like once that’s settled I can pull the trigger on pitching some of other the comic projects I’ve had buzzing about, leaving me free to work on prose while the pitches are out in the world.

Overall these past few months have found me in a bit of a rut. I’m hoping the move changes that and that I can better manage my time and my expectations. In the meantime I’m also preparing for C2E2 here in Chicago, where I’ll be doing stuff with the Super-Fly Comics & Games crew as well my compatriots from Panels on If you’re going to be in Chicago on April 13th through the 15th for the show, you can most easily find me at the Super-Fly Booth (#469) or the Panels on Pages Booth (#862).

I’m sure I’ll also be on Twitter doing all kind updates and reporting from the show but for now I need to take a little break from it all. I think this is another way of resetting myself and trying to manage all of the stuff I have on my plate. It’s too easy to get drawn into distraction and get my head all muddied. I’ve found myself trying to balance saying what I want with what I think I should and I think I’ve just managed to make myself unhappy both ways. Either I say something that’s off-putting and then I feel awkward about it or I hold my tongue and feel irritated that I’m not expressing myself. It’s all a mess, really, so I’m kind of pumping the brakes a little bit. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Finally, it’s been almost a year since I published SHADOW OF THE PAST. It was so great to finally have that story out in the world and it’s gotten a pretty decent response thus far. I’m always looking for new ways to promote it and find a way to get it front of people so as to prime the pump for other stuff that could be coming on the horizon. To that end, while SHADOW OF THE PAST is still 99 cents on Amazon it’s currently free on Smashwords. Yes, that’s right. Totes free. Smashwords is a bit of a smaller site but free helps its exposure on there. Of course, if you read it for free and like it you’re more than welcome to throw the dollar my way in the form of buying it on Amazon. Plus, if you have read it please consider leaving a review on either (or both!) sites. Those help it get a little bit more noticed and every little bit helps.

So that’s that. Here’s to recharging the batteries and getting to a new status quo.

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