One Year of Audio Insanity

For the past year I’ve been one of the hosts of The Super-Fly Podcast, the Official Podcast of Super-Fly Comics & Games broadcasting every Monday on the Panels on PoP! Cast Network. It’s been a blast, and even though I’m no longer at Super-Fly full-time I still love doing the show and talking comics, games and other kinds of bullshit withe the good friends I still have there. If, for some reason, you haven’t heard the show before and are even remotely interested interested in comics, genre stuff and other things that are awesome, give it a try. You can check out the two clip shows our Audio Chewbacca Jared Whittaker put together here and here. Be warned, we do work “blue.”

If you have listened to the show, feel free to send us an email at before we record Sunday evening with a question, comment, complaint or challenge for a street fight. It’s a celebration, let’s act like it!

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Thacher Cleveland

Thacher E. Cleveland is a contributing writer & columnist for, co-host of the Super-Fly Comics & Games PodCast, novelist & comic creator. Originally from New Jersey and previously from Yellow Springs, Ohio, he currently lives in Chicago. You can find him on Twitter (@demonweasel), tumblr, his personal website and even on Google+

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