Oh, There He Is…

Yes, yes, absenteeism and the like.

It’s been a particularly trying Summer and a Fall that has been the slowest releasing of pressure that there could possibly be. I spent my summer leaping some pretty high hurdles involving my family, my day job, and my living situation. All settled and done with now but all three at once was an emotional triathlon I did not think I was prepared to handle.

And yet, here I am.

In June my father passed away suddenly. He would have been 83 in September and had been in generally poor (but not seemingly life-threatening) health for the past several years. There was a part of me that had been preparing for this but the hardest part of it all was him passing nearly 24 hours after I left my parents house to continue my vacation. One day of driving, a relaxing evening, and a morning that started carefree until I got a text from a family friend advising me to call my mother. I wrote about it (as is the writer’s custom when facing trauma) and shared it on my website and other places so it’s there if, y’know, you want a good cry and to find out what happens on Tiny Pony Island Day.

So that was a thing. Seemingly insignificant in comparison I also changed day jobs and found and moved into a new house. Neither of which are particularly traumatic but holy crap are they time consuming and exhausting. We moved in August and we’re still taking stuff out of boxes which is…maddening. But fun. In a maddening way.

At some point this summer I also found time to step into a life-long secret desire of mine: acting. Simple community theater of course but boy has it been a good outlet. That and, y’know, writing.

Speaking of the print version of the first Winston & Church Collection, Summer of Sins, is now available on Amazon and digitally wherever you like to purchase those types of things. Or, even better, you can get it from me at a convention or other place I may be selling stuff which, realistically, is anywhere that I am. Well, anywhere that I am and have my stuff with me (although feel free to just give me money if you see me out and about; that’s just good karma).

The second volume, Fall of Shadows, will be coming by the end of the year in both print and eBook so keep an eye out for that. If you’ve read and loved Summer of Sins please take a moment to leave a review, tell a friend, and generally gush to all parties about how great it is. If you didn’t love it…well, try? Or at least let me know what you didn’t like about it. That’s the only way we grow, people.

Speaking of shows, I’m getting my 2018 lineup together and hope for it to be bigger and better than this year. I’d love to do more travel, hit up shows I’ve never been to before as well as return to my favorite ones with new content. In addition to the Winston & Churchill Collections and my novel Shadow of the Past I hope to have a new comic project with me come February or March. Fingers crossed on that one but it’ll be a collection of interconnected comic shorts all by different artists. I’m very happy with the artists I’ve been in touch with thus far and I can’t resist posting a sneak peak from one of them, Claudio Munoz, who you can find on Facebook, Twitter, and his website. And his house, presumably, but that’s between you and him.

Anyways, more updates to follow as more things come together.

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