New Winston & Churchill story: A LOVE SUPREME

This is the part where I’d say “Gosh what a long month it’s been” but all things considered they’re all long months. Despite all of that I’ve got a new Winston & Churchill case up on Smashwords called A LOVE SUPREME. Yes, like that jazz song. From the description on Smashwords:

A young woman’s father hires the two after his daughter goes missing, last seen in an underground nightclub dazed and drugged out of her mind. To get her back they’re going to have to shoot, kick, stab and magic their way past a small army of thugs and their boss, a man with blood red eyes, razor white teeth and a voice that can make anyone do anything he wants.

This was actually the first Winston & Churchill story I wrote (begun by hand in 2004 sitting in an apartment that where the power had been shut off) but I ended up shelving it because it didn’t sit right with me at the time. I’d pulled it out to kick around a couple of times over the years and when I knew that I was going to start this project it’d have to be dusted off and run over one more time. Lots of changes this time around and I think I’m finally happy with it. Well, as happy I can get about these things. I think one of the best parts about this is just getting stuff out the door and not fretting over it until I’m not able to show it to anyone.

Next month’s story was going to be called something else but is now HEART OF SUFFERING. Looking at the first two W&C stories and the next two I realized that there’s a lot of heartbreak and misery and longing going on in them. It probably has a lot to do with what was going on in my life when I came up with the ideas for them (heartbreak, misery and longing mostly) but I think the next group will be more action-adventurey and less . . . desperate. The stories will eventually be grouped by fours, each roughly covering a season (these first four being Summer, May through August) so maybe it’s good that they’ll all sort of have themes.

I’ve also made the first W&C story NEVER LET GO free on Smashwords. I figured I’d be better off giving away the introduction of the two mis-matched occult P.I.’s away, especially since (and I’m being honest here) sales were not so hot on it. I’m hoping that will change in the long run, but I suppose I have to get out of this “Build it and they will come” mindset. Let’s face it: there’s a lot of shit on the internet and my own circles of friends can only go so far. I do appreciate the love, support, retweets, reblogs and likes that folks have done for me but I need to find a way to do more. I’ve been getting myself relatively active on Goodreads and both NEVER LET GO and my first novel SHADOW OF THE PAST have begun to get some love from what I hope are honest to god humans and not bots. We’ll see if that materializes into anything but in the meantime I’m more than open to ideas of places to try and promote the series and get some real mojo going. Other than those things, if folks can leave positive reviews on Amazon and Smashwords for that stuff it’d be a great way to try to connect with those elusive strangers out there looking for something awesome to read.

I’m going to try to keep folks posted more frequently over the month to let people know what’s going on, so we’ll see how that goes.

Thanks for reading!

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