MONSTROLOGY, the horror comic anthology I have my first published comic story in, will end on the 24th, meaning this is our last weekend for one last big fundraising push before we all travel/settle in & have some turkey with our families. Please do what you can to make sure this project hits its funding goal. This is my dream, to have a physical copy of something I’ve written (which I am, in fact, very proud of) and say “I did that. That’s mine.” It’s so much different than just pointing to a link on Amazon or Smashwords and saying “Here’s where you can get a copy of it.” Not that digital is bad, mind you, but to have the artifact in my hand…man, that would be something.

Not to mention it’s a comic story I can use to say “Hey, I’ve written comics. I’d like to write more, like…” That’d be super swell.

Thank you to those that have backed it. Thank you to those on Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr that have liked, shared, retweeted and reblogged it, as well as put up with my incessant chatter about it. This is what I love, this is what I want to do. 

Home stretch. Let’s bring it in, people.

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