Memorial Day, Derby City, and the June That Time Forgot

Lots of travelling since last we spoke. Yes, I did indeed spend Memorial Day weekend (after watching my not-so-little girl graduate) driving about in Southern Ohio, Eastern Kentucky and Tennessee before making my way back home. It was a delightfully leisurely trip filled with small back roads, hills, woods, small towns, tunnels, sneaking into public campgrounds to shower and finding out of the way places to sleep in my car (which is not as uncomfortable as it sounds but not as comfortable as I would’ve liked). The highlights of the trip were the completely out of the way spot I found off the highway that I’ll most likely return to camp at another weekend and finishing the outline of the Secret Project I keep alluding to. There’s something amazing about being out in the woods with no one else around for miles and leisurely writing until the sun goes down.

In the flurry of work and adjusting to some new medications (yay insomnia and hot flashes!) I was able to get in on Derby City Comic-Con in Louisville this past weekend, thanks to my friend and exceptional artist (and Louisville native with a couch I could sleep on) Adam Hicks (@gigatoast on Twitter and Instagram). I was able to get a portion of his Artist’s Alley table and, for the first time ever, sell my published wares there for the entirety of a convention. There certainly was a bit of trepidation on my part, not knowing the show at all, not entirely sure how a writer with a pair of comic anthologies and information about an upcoming print novel would fare. The answer was “pretty decent.” For being a small two-day show I did some good business, met some interesting people and finally had a decent set-up that didn’t look like I’d hastily thrown it together at the last minute (it was more “last minute adjacent”).



A huge thank you to Adam and everyone I met and saw again at the show. I’m not entirely sure when my next show is (possibly Wizard World Columbus at the end of July) but #TeamGigaWeasel will ride again for sure at the Cincinnati Comic-Con this September 9-11. Those that know me may recognize that this is the weekend of my birthday those who know me closer still will know it will be my 40th, so this should be an interesting show for sure.

More news and Secret Projects are around the corner and will be revealed soon, so keep an eye out for them.

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