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This past week I’ve done a lot of thinking about what I want to work on next, as well as trying to zero in on what stories are churning at the very top of my imagination right now. The answer to both question always seems to come back as two words: comic books. I thought maybe I’d focus more on fiction now that the book is out, as it’s something I can work on and complete on my own (or with the help of proof-readers and editors). I’ve still got some stuff lined up, but I’ve wanted to get a comic project off the ground and running for years and years, but have just had too many false starts to get any traction going. However, I have a great opportunity in the form of a place to host a webcomic that has far more traffic than this little ‘ol site will ever have and I’d hate to let that go to waste. That and the comic project ideas are bursting at the seems in my head enough that I’ve got to get them down on paper lest they burn themselves out. I’ve been doing that, and it’s fulfilling yet frustrating, as I know that since I can’t draw they’re just going to hang out on the page unable to reach their full potential. Not only that it’s also easier for me to work on a comic project when I know how I’m drawing for, what style they’re working in and how the characters I’m writing are going to look and feel.

So yeah, once again I’m putting it out there that I’m looking for comic artist for a handful of projects I’ve got brewing. Two of them would fir perfectly as webcomics, as they seem to work best as 16-page chapters, and a couple more that are potential miniseries that I’d most likely want to start shopping around to publishers working with creator owned stuff, like Image. There’s a chance I might be able pay a small page rate in addition to sharing whatever publication money comes down the line but that’d have to be discussed.

In terms of what’s being drawn, I’ve got a project involving a cross-country road race (a supernatural Cannonball Run of sorts, with Werewolf bikers, gun-toting luchadores, and a godzilla-boy among others), a science-fiction/fantasy action mash-up with monsters and other strange humanoids (lizard people, devil moths, laser guns and flying buildings) and one that can be described simply as Dinosaurs, Robots and Cowboys. There are a couple of other things, but those are the three that my fevered imagination seems to think are the most pressing (and the rest of me thinks are damn fun). So if you’re looking to draw some comics, have some sequential page samples and the ability to get work done on some sort of regular basis (even if it’s just a page a week or two) then let’s chat. If you know folks that might fit the bill, let me know at thacher.e.cleveland at (yes, I’m, avoiding evil spam robots). Being able to produce good work on a regular basis is key, which kind of goes without saying but is really key as I don’t want to miss out on this opportunity by not being able to actually deliver the goods, y’know?


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