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For those that follow me on social media (instagram posting to twitter and tumblr, that is) you’s probably noticed I’ve taken to posting about my writing output on a daily basis, using my big ‘ol white board as the means to colorfully display the results. It started out as a way to track my National Novel Writing Month progress. While that didn’t end up as a “Win” for me (you can see the results up there in November) it did kick off a habit of writing every day that’s been unbroken since November 1st, so that’s kind of awesome. I’ve definitely had my up days and down days (peaking at around 2,000 words one day in November and as low as 64 a day in December).

While it’s a little repetitive and I’m sure not the most thrilling thing for other people to see it’s definitely helped motivate me and keep me honest. I know everyone in the world is watching to see how much I do on a given day but there have been folks, friends old and new, that have been very positive with their comments and support which is really awesome.

There’s a lot going on in my life right now. A lot a lot, even. In the midst of all this chaos I have a lot of writing things on the cusp of happening, from once again planning a Kickstarter to sending out pitches to comic companies to hitting the home stretch in the first season of Winston & Churchill stories. That doesn’t even cover all the ups and downs my personal life has been going through (job hunting, apartment hunting, contemplating the nature of the universe) so needless to say I’ve been a little all over the place. In the next few months there may be some big changes but it’s nice to know that, through everything, I’m still keeping up with the core of what’s important to me: telling stories I want to tell. Thankfully now, more than ever before, I’m finding a way to do that regularly and effectively.

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