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When I was in chemistry class during my junior year of high school, I made note of that fact that Boron gives away all of its electrons during a chemical bond by drawing a little Boron atom guy singing “Give it away, give it away, give it away now” in my notes, complete with a an Anthony Kiedis mohawk. I may have barely passed chemistry that year (and still may not fully understand what some of those words in the last sentence mean), but that’s stuck with me all these years. I like to think that Boron is a pretty cool guy, giving away his stuff like that.

In a similar vein, this July Smashwords is running their Summer/Winter (it’s winter south of the equator, so there’s no need to be hemisphere-ist) sale for the books on their site. My novel, SHADOW OF THE PAST, has been enjoying modest success on that site and during the Summer/Winter sale it will be like that plucky little Boron atom and be given it away, given away, given away now. Yes, with the coupon code “SSWSF” you can get it for the low, low price of Free. The self-publishing in the digital marketplace is a hell of a game, and as I struggle along trying to make a name for myself I’ve come to realize that there’s nothing better than just getting your name out there and letting people know what you have. Hopefully, folks will find the book, enjoy themselves and then leave a pleasant comment about it on the site. It is still available on Amazon for 99 cents, if you are so inclined to still pay for it. You can read sample chapters at both the Amazon and Smashwords pages, or here on the site. One of the nice things about Smashwords is that it supports downloads in a ton of different formats, including Kindle (or the free Kindle app, available for any smartphone), Nook, Kobo, PDF or even just straight up reading it on the screen.

It’s been an incredibly busy summer for me thus far. I’ve still got a couple of irons in the fire that I don’t want to jinx by talking about, but I’m hoping to have more free content available by the end of the month. As I mentioned before, I’m just over a year in to doing the Super-Fly Comics & Games podcast on the Panels on Pages PoP!-Cast Network, as well as writing for the site (primarily my weekly column “Back In The Game,” about my transition from comics retailer to civilian fanboy after 8 years in the business). That, plus visiting my folks in upstate New York for the first time in almost 5 years (and getting a wicked bad sunburn in the process) as well as traveling to Colorado this coming weekend for one of my oldest childhood friend’s wedding (where I will definitely be packing sunscreen).

Either way, if you’re having a hectic summer yourself and want to something fun to read to take your mind off your problems (and go “Hey, a fire-powered serial killer isn’t stalking me, so maybe things are going okay for me!”) then give SHADOW OF THE PAST a try.

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