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For those of you that have been following me and this site for a while you’ll notice that there have been a few changes. After years upon years of personal blogging on here I figured it was time to get a bit more serious, so we’re going for a fresh start as I try once again to kick start all of my various endeavors again. After moving to a new city and starting a new day job, I’m definitely in one of those “let’s have a new beginning” places as well.

To that end, as you can see from the post below, I’m hoping to get my webcomic “Gifted” on here on a semi-regular basis sometime before the end of winter. I’ve been threatening this for a while but I know we’re very close to bringing you a weekly dose of supernatural action, adventure and fun very soon. We’re just waiting to put the finishing touches on a few things and then we’ll most likely be going with a two-pages a week format, with occasional breaks now and again.

Also in the works is getting my novel, “Shadow of the Past” up on the various eBook selling sites. I’m in the process of having a final proof-reading pass done, but once that’s the case I’m going to put it up there for a modest sum and see what happens. I have no illusions of getting rich overnight, but I do think that in the current digital world self-distribution and publication for a small fee is an industry that has nowhere to go but up. I’ll fully admit to getting hyped up on stuff like this thanks to J.A. Konrath but I still think it’s feasible for little guys like me. I know I’ll be counting on you devoted friends, family and fans (do I have those?) to help me out.

I’m hoping both these projects (and a secret 3rd one) get off the ground by C2E2, where I’ll be hitting like the fist of an angry God, along with my boys from Panels on Pages, where not only am I still co-hosting the Super-Fly Comics podcast but I’m currently a staff writer with a weekly column, “Back in the Game,” where I talk about going back to being a regular comic reading civilian after working in comic retail for nearly 10 years. If you have the opportunity, I highly suggest you check out the show this year. As good as last years was, I think this year is going to have all kinds of awesome going on (plus it’ll be the first big show in a while I’ll be at in a Press and not a retail capacity).

So that’s where we’re at. Look for changes around the site over the next month. New stuff and fiddling around with the site itself, plus maybe some more added content. I hate being one of those “this is the year that it’s going to happen” kind of guys, but I will be honest with all of you…I’m feeling it a lot more this year than I have in the past. With a little energon and a lot of luck, maybe we can get this thing off the ground.

I hope you’ll take the ride with me.

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