Dog Days

This has been a fairly rough week at the day job and pretty much everything from my personal life was neglected. It always sucks when the “real world” messes up your plans but it happens and you just have to roll with it. I joked recently on the Super-Fly Podcast (or maybe during the pre or post-show conversations; those Skype calls just bleed into each other) that I’ve never had a good August. That’s not entirely true but for the most part it does seem like the pothole before we can finish up the year (and my birthday).

It’s a bummer because I feel like I’m really behind on a lot of personal projects. My writing for the Panels on Pages site has been nil, my work on the latest Winston & Churchill story hasn’t been what it needs to be and I’ve been trying to get more things done with the Robozoic Age comic as well as possibly pitch a short story or two to an indie anthology that’s closing it’s submissions at the end of the month. It’s a lot to put on your plate for the last weekend of the month and continues my personal trend of over-extending myself for fear of missing out on opportunities.

In other news guys in the comic industry have kind of lost their minds on social media this week and it’s a huge bummer. As someone who wants to work in the industry and tries to be “political” and to not say anything to make me look overly stupid as I try to engage in networking it’s disconcerting to see the established people break all of the “rules” and go at each other tooth and nail while airing their gripes in public. On the flip side social networks like Twitter can also give you cool and uplifting things like writer Cullen Bunn talking at length about how he broke into the comic industry. Like me, he writes both prose and comics and I’ve always felt a kinship writers that do that. It also helps that the couple of times I’ve met him he’s been a super-nice guy and that he’s incredibly talented. Even if you don’t care for comics but love supernatural adventure stuff or westerns his series THE SIXTH GUN is damn near perfect.

I guess the important thing for me to remember here is to not lose sight of the good when the bad rears its ugly head. Yes, my day job may be grinding me to a thick, sticky paste but if I ever want to leave it I’m going to have to work hard and stay excited about the stories I’m trying to tell. It’s never easy and I don’t think it ever will be but it’s what I want and I relish working towards it and winning it. There’s always a light that shines on the horizon and in this instance I think it’s already breaking through.

Onwards and upwards, always…

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