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Getting Down to Business

I’ve been chugging along on a lot of different things lately. Some might say too many things and those people I’d say…well, I’d say you were probably right. Between the vagaries of the personal life and my day job I’ve been trying to get ready for the Robozoic Age Kickstarter, work on a pitch for Rusty Nail, finish the next Winston & Churchill story and start poking at something new to pitch as well. It’s kind of nuts but that’s just how I roll I guess. It’s not entirely fun mind you, bouncing back and forth from task to task but that’s just sort of how my brain works at this point and I think I’m better off not fighting it and just going with the flow of what’s working and what isn’t.

To that end, first first draft of the next Winston & Churchill story (A WOLF IN WOLF’S CLOTHING) is done and I’ll hopefully finish editing it over the course of the next week. This one kind of got away from me and is the longest W&C story to date at the moment sitting at a whopping 15,000 words. There’s some stuff I can trim from that but that’s a bunch. I try to shoot for them being 10,000 at the most but those that know me know that I tend to get a little…verbose. I think with some judicious hacking I can get it down a bit but it may still end up sitting at the top of the “wordy” pile. I’ve been having a lot of thoughts about the Winston & Churchill stories lately and how to get them in front of more people and what the “end game” for that is, plus trying to figure out if they’re going to be in print and if so how and all that jazz. It’s vexing.

The Rusty Nail pitch is mostly done and off to Michelle to see what she thinks. Sending stuff to artists is often a special kind of anxiety because no matter what they say initially there’s always that fear that at some point they’ll read something of yours and go “Wait, what?” and then that’ll be the end of it.

As for the Robozoic Age Kickstarter I’m still tweaking some stuff, getting quotes from places, waiting on artwork and trying to get folks lined up to talk about it when it comes out. I can assure you there’s something completely and totally terrifying about trying to do this Kickstarter and get things as funded as possible. We’re asking for a very modest amount ($1,700 is the goal, but $6,500 will fund the all 6 issues) so I’m not too worried…but at the same time I’m stressed out of my mind about it. I’m trying to cover all my bases and make sure every little bit is accounted for but there have been plenty of stories about folks letting stuff slip through the cracks. It’s nuts, but there you go. We’ve already been pushed back a little bit, but we’re getting close now.

To that end, here’s a preview of Tony and I’s labors: the first seven pages of Robozoic Age. Enjoy!









11 2013

Even more Robozoic Age news

For those of you that have been following the saga, THE ROBOZOIC AGE is coming along quite nicely. New artist Antoine Dennison has been putting in work these past few weeks, as evidenced below.



It’s an exciting time for us and that’s led to more detailed planning for the future of the book. Right now our deal with Alterna Comics is just for digital distribution of the the 6-issue series on a bi- or tri-monthly basis. The details of when it will be published are still being worked out, but obviously the sooner the book is completed the sooner you’ll be able to feast your eyeballs on the delightful cowboy vs. dinosaur vs. robot carnage, excitement and drama. To that end, rather than me paying for this in dribs and drabs at a time (as I am not independently wealthy or what some would call “middle class”) that means it’s Kickstarterin’ time. Kickstarter will allow us to complete the book as fast as Tony can draw it, which at this point seems to be pretty damn quick.

As we plan out exactly what we need and what’ll we’ll be offering as rewards (aside from, y’know, the comic) I figured I’d take this time and ask you kind folks out there what you’d like to see, what stuff has made you support Kickstarters you’ve seen in the past and what pitfalls you’ve seen others fall into and want us to avoid. I’m still going back and forth as to whether or not we’ll shoot for doing a print trade paperback version of the whole thing when it’s done as well, as that would dramatically increase what we’d need to ask for but I know a lot of folks just don’t dig on digital books and want a physical copy to, as Messrs. Bialystock and Bloom would say “see it, swirl it, touch it, kiss it.” I’m shopping around for printers now (and if you know of one with good rates and high quality, then please let me know!) but I know we’re looking to do sketch cards and maybe some pin-ups from Tony and some pin-ups from other artist friends I know (and if you’re an artist friend who’s got some time open to do a print, then let me know what your rates are).

If things go smoothly we’ll be shooting for this Fall, with a big push to have it end before Thanksgiving weekend (ask my family how much fun it was for me checking my tablet for updates on MONSTROLOGY‘s Kickstarter when I was visiting them) and miss out on the wallet draining holiday season. What this also means is that I may forgo New York Comic-Con, as I may still be working on putting this together (and be a bit strapped for cash to boot). We shall see.

So there we go. Comments, questions, advice, feel free to send them my way (thacher.e.cleveland at gmail or in the comments on this post).


08 2013

Artist Hunt

When you set out to make comics sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t. I’ve talked a bit about The Robozoic Age on here before but now it looks like I’ll be needing a new artist for the project. So here’s some details about it that I’ve been spreading around the internet:

robozoic age cover mockup5a

I’m currently looking for a comic artist for my 6 issues sci-fi cowboys & dinosaurs miniseries The Robozoic Age. Above is some promo art from cover artist Adam Hicks featuring many of the main characters of the series.There’s currently a contract with a publisher interested in distributing it digitally. This would be paid work, around $50 a page although that can be flexible depending on the art and if inking and coloring is included. Ideally I’d be looking for someone who can produce 22 pages in about a month’s time.

If you’re interested drop me a line at thacher.e.cleveland at gmail.

Here’s hoping things get moving again on this sooner rather than later. It’s a fun idea and I’d like to see it come to life again.


07 2013

Robozoic Age Preview

So it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other, but things are slowly returning to normal. I’d talked about Robozoic Age and posted some preview art but I’ve hit a few speed-bumps on my end. In any case, the first few pages are finally done so I figured I’d post them here (sans color), featuring art by J.C. Grande and letters by Rachel Deering (remember that name; you’ll find it in the Womanthology book coming soon among other places). Watch this space for more news!

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01 2012

Enter…The Robozoic Age!

It’s been slower than I’d like around here lately. Partly it’s due to my day job running me ragged these past couple of weeks (which I can’t complain too much about because a: it’s money & b: it’s not called “work” for nothin’), partly it’s due to other vagaries of my personal life (oooooh, personal) and partly because my WordPress seems wonky beyond belief and every time I go to do something on here I spend ten minutes thinking about trying to fix it or worse, actually trying to fix it (which just results in a giant black hole of “well, it’s still the same” or the dreaded “well, now it’s broken and nothing works”).

In nay case, all these factors have made me less productive than I’d like, but things are still moving ahead regardless. I figured I’d go ahead and start talking more about my latest comic project, now called THE ROBOZOIC AGE. I showed off some character designs from artist JC Grande, but the first few inked pages have come in and I figured I’d just go ahead and show them off to whet your collective appetites. THE ROBOZOIC AGE is a set post-post Apocalyptic world where man has taken a backseat to Earth’s two new dominant species: the dinosaurs, who have replaced the animal life on the planet and the bots, who roam the Earth with the single-minded intent of hunting humans to extinction. The story follows a small community at the edge of the world struggles to survive caught between these two predators. The first issue will be serialized on-line this Fall.


08 2011