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Demonweasel Dreadfuls & Shadow of the Past sample chapters

Things are continuing apace here at the mothership. I had an interesting discussion on my Facebook and Twitter about selling my short fiction through this site. The general consensus was that $1 was a considerd a fair price for short fiction, which for me usually means between 4,000 to 7,000 words. I’d kind of given up on the idea of short stories a while ago as there’s a very small fiction magazine market and an even smaller genre one. This idea got that swirling back around in my head again, so I think at some point soon I’m going to start releasing a new story every month at a $1 a pop.

There are lots of interesting ways to do this, most notably the “Not 99 Cents Method” explained by web comics creator Brett Jackson. The one downfall is that you can’t have multiple items priced the same, as the entire system is automated. I’d like to be able to keep the whole “backlist” of stories live and not have to change the price on stuff every month (not to mention the fact that folks may not appreciate paying one price when it’s released and then it goes down a little bit each month). Either way, there’s a chance the first of these “Demonweasel Dreadfuls” (y’know, like the “Penny Dreadfuls” they did in the 19th century; I may have dropped out but I went to some classes in college) will be available sometime in March, maybe just before C2E2 (March 18th-20th). Granted, that’s a lot on my plate to get ready before then but its a fun challenge.

Speaking of C2E2, my “Shadow of the Past by C2E2” personal challenge is also moving along. To share the fruits of this joyous labor you can now a sample of the first two chapters here. Read, enjoy and feel free to let the world know.

This week I also got some interesting news about another possible venture, so that’s kind of rad. All things considered, things are looking pretty good for Team Demonweasel.


02 2011