Bates Motel & Super-Fly Podcast #12

It’s been a delightfully relaxing holiday weekend that included a lot of sleep and a bit more “doing nothing,” which is always nice. Just before the holiday hit though I did write up something for Panels on Pages about one of my favorite new shows, Bates Motel. I was initially very wary of the idea but the show won me over very quickly and I highly recommend checking it out in reruns, on DVD, Netflix or however you get your TV.

And of course there was a Super-Fly Podcast, dedicated mostly to the announcement of the new Xbox One, which frankly sounds like the exact opposite of what we all want in a gaming system. This may just be one of those “Life is passing you by” moments, which is kind of a bummer. Listen for yourself to see if you agree or not.

The Super-Fly Podcast Episode 12

This week, the Super-Fly Crew continue to not go to any shows, get visited by totally sane people and talk about Microsoft’s huge reveal of their new console, The Xbox One.

The Super-Fly Podcast: Jason Bateman was in Teen Wolf Too.

Closing music: Crystal Method – The Name of the Game

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