Avengers, the Internet & getting back into the world

Finally got internet in the new apartment & Gwyn and I went to go see Avengers last night so I can now safely get back on the Internet. Total GPOY.

The entire way home, even when we were talking about stuff that wasn’t the movie I’d stop and go “It was so good. It was SO GOOD.”

The move was awful. Just straight up and down terrible, even though Kenny helped tremendously on Monday I just wasn’t prepared enough so it went long. Longer than it should’ve, and then Tuesday was just…just not good. Then I had to go back to work on Wednesday.

One of the first times Gwyn came over to my place I told her there was a new trailer for the Avengers. I knew she’d seen the Iron Man’s and had liked them so I said “Do you want to watch it?” Seconds after she said yes YouTube was up on my TV and it was playing. When it was done I looked at her guiltily and said “I want to watch it again.” So we did. Later I said “If we’re still together in May, maybe we can go see it together.”

In the theater, just before it started, I leaned over and reminded her of that. “I was thinking the same thing,” she said. I then proceeded to squeeze her hand and knee a lot during the movie and make lots of unmanly noises.

“This made the whole terrible week worth it,” I told her. “Not just seeing the movie, but seeing it with you and knowing that we’re going back to our home, together, and that as crappy as this week was it was only temporary. Us being together isn’t.”

So yeah. Let’s get back into it.

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05 2012

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