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When you set out to make comics sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t. I’ve talked a bit about The Robozoic Age on here before but now it looks like I’ll be needing a new artist for the project. So here’s some details about it that I’ve been spreading around the internet:

robozoic age cover mockup5a

I’m currently looking for a comic artist for my 6 issues sci-fi cowboys & dinosaurs miniseries The Robozoic Age. Above is some promo art from cover artist Adam Hicks featuring many of the main characters of the series.There’s currently a contract with a publisher interested in distributing it digitally. This would be paid work, around $50 a page although that can be flexible depending on the art and if inking and coloring is included. Ideally I’d be looking for someone who can produce 22 pages in about a month’s time.

If you’re interested drop me a line at thacher.e.cleveland at gmail.

Here’s hoping things get moving again on this sooner rather than later. It’s a fun idea and I’d like to see it come to life again.

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