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At the close of July, Shadow of the Past topped not only the Horror bestseller chart at Smashwords but also the Thriller and Suspense chart and topped out at #13 in the site-wide overall bestsellers. Not too shabby, considering that Smashwords boasts about 63,000 books in their catalog according to their most recent newsletter.

I’m trying not to get too proud of myself, as it was a giveaway sale, but with that many books in the offering and most of them free I’m happy that people picked mine out of the crowd. I’m hoping there’s not too much of a lull on the site now that folks have gorged their eReaders on free books, as Smashwords offers a pretty decent royalty rate for me. Of course, Shadow of the Past is also available on Amazon, if you’ve got some sort of fancy Amazon coupon or preference. The price is still only 99 cents either way, so hopefully that’s as good as free for folks.

Thanks again, and hopefully I’ll have more good news about other projects in the works later this week or early next. In the mean time, you can read my latest “Back in the Game” column for Panels on Pages or listen to me yell about Marvel, Richie Rich and pouring gasoline in hipsters eyes on the latest Super-Fly Comics Podcast.

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