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Rusty Nail

“For all your transport, courier and shipping needs inside and out of Ten Islands, look no further than Rusty Nail Transport! We’ll get it there or die trying!*

*Crew member deaths will result in forfeiture of hazardous transport deposit and may result in additional fees


-From Rusty Nail Transport & Shipping Co. ads in Ten Islands NewsWire, week of 14/24/635

The ladies of  the Rusty Nail Transport & Shipping will fly anything and anyone anywhere…for price. On a world where the humans of the Ten Islands Association are stuck between the fascistic and weasel-like Verrid Empire and the reptilian fanatics of the Ghavian Brotherhood every journey could be their last. Nilah, Shannon and Tina are going to need every bit of brains, brawn and bullets to survive their latest job: tracking down a lost expedition that was in search of an artifact coveted by Verrid Sky Pirates and Ghavian Inquisitors.

Artwork from the Rusty Nail, a comic by me and artist Michelle Sciuto. I’m excited for folks to see this come to fruition. :)


03 2014

Here’s some things

– I’ve now passed into the phase where I hate looking for apartments. The thrill of “oh maybe we’ll live here!” has passed and turned into “I guess this place is alright I’ll apply but if they give me shit about credit I’ll burn it down and salt the earth. I’ve never been evicted from anywhere and have had good landlord relations the entire time I’ve lived in Chicago.” Plus actually getting the apartment will be financially crippling for the next month and a half (move in fees! credit checks! Paying May rent in March! Bullshit!)

– I haven’t read comics in…three weeks now? I’ve been really broke and worried (see above) but also I haven’t bought my girlfriend her birthday present yet and I don’t want to spend any money on myself until I spend it on her.

– I’m not sure what’s going on with writing and comics and stories and all that. I’m still plugging away at the next Winston & Churchill story (nearly 20,000 words in the first draft, which is looooong). I should be punching up that webseries script (but I’m not) I should be writing more Rusty Nail script and formatting it for pitching (but I’m not) I should be trying to figure out what I’m going to do with the Robozoic Age (but I’m not) and I should be writing out some pitches for a company because how else am I going to make my life successful (but I’m not). Everything is work and apartment hunting. It’s eclipsed my life.

– I’m actually exercising and trying to loose a little of the spare-tire belly weight and I feel like it might kinda be working? I’m also doing a thing that reminds me of that rule of thumb where if you don’t want to tell people about it then you know that you know that you’re doing something wrong? But yeah I started taking a supplement thing that supposedly aids in weight loss and typing that out-loud makes me feel so stupid but…look, I’m just not into the whole “pregnant man” look, okay? Better to try to nip it in the bud by exercising and trying to change my diet and yes taking this stuff now than be unable to do it later. I dunno, man. I’m just running out of pants that fit, okay? I can’t even fit into the vest of my three-piece suit anymore.

– I’ve totally stumbled on the whole weekly goals thing. That makes me sad. I’m focusing a little more on my six month goals, some of which are realistic and others are…not. But it’s something. Things are moving forward. I’ve already written half the entire word count I had last year. That’s important. My relationship is strong. That’s really important. My new job is good, like really good. It’s just that things are kind of difficult and frustrating right now in some ways but that’s temporary. Forward, onward, upward, right?


03 2014