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Moving Day!

I’m going off the grid in a little bit as I finalize packing stuff up and getting ready to move into the new place tomorrow, Since I’m taking a little break, here are some things to keep you busy while I’ll gone…

Today, April 30th is the last day to get my supernatural horror novel SHADOW OF THE PAST free on Smashwords. It’s currently 99 cents on Amazon and will be 99 cents again on Smashwords once I get to that point where I’m about to pack up my computer and rely on phone-internet (the crappiest kind of internet). So yeah, get it in all major eReader formats now for free while you can. But if you want to give me a dollar for it later that would be cool. Writing a positive review of it once you’ve read it and if you like it would be cool as well.

Super-Fly Podcast #99

We’re almost to show 100 and it’s getting crazy! With Jared playing music for the kids at the prom, First Aid Comics‘ own Kenny Taylor (thesassyblacknerd) returns to the show to help out with the Previews Preview show. We also talk about Nick Fury being a black guy, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and fake holograms! Listen in.

Opening music: Mr. Ozio – One Minute Shakin

Closing music: Mr Ozio – Flat Beat

Be sure to check the hashtag #SuperFlyPodcast on Twitter and follow along with the show.

So yeah, there’s a couple of things for you to do while I pack and unpack and try not to wear myself out.

Fingers crossed!


04 2012


Super-Fly Podcast #97: C2E2 Special

It’s time once again for the Super-Fly Crew to meet in Chicago and all be in the same room again to recap the event that was C2E2. We talk Diamond Retailer Summit, the show floor, who we met and more! Special guests include First Aid Comics’ own Kenny Taylor (thesassyblacknerd on tumblr, @DoctorTheeKenye on Twitter), Super-Fly customer/hired gun Brian Bryan Hawke (he’s on tumblr somewhere, @batmanjohnson on Twitter) and a cameo by PCW host Gavin (he is not on tumblr, but is @alphanaught on Twitter)!!

Opening music: BadBadNotGood – Salmonella

Closing music: BadBadNotGood – Listeriosis

Super-Fly Podcast #98

The week after C2E2 and the crew is still a little loopy. This week, we talk how we did at the big show and the shows we’re going to be at this year, Chris Roberson taps out of DC over the Before Watchmen books, Mark Waid and digital comics and other random stuff. Did I mention this show was random? Because it was. (editors note: we talked for about ten minutes about the girl from Real World Seattle that got slapped in the face)

Opening music: Deftones – Around the Fur

Closing music: Death Grips – The Fever (Aye Aye)

Be sure to check the hashtag #SuperFlyPodcast on Twitter and follow along with the show.


04 2012

“Darkest Corners” preview

I’ve talked a bit about the 12-page horror story that’ll be in an anthology later this year and today I got the final bit of finished art. Here’s a little unlettered preview of “Darkest Corners,” written by me with art by Fernando Cano (whom I may try to shackle to a desk and keep drawing for me forever and ever and ever…)


04 2012

This Week In Things I Did

Last weekend was C2E2 and good lord, was it a blast. Hands down the best show I’ve been to in…forever? It was exceptionally busy and I spent a good deal of it running around livetweeting panels for the Panels on Pages twitter account (@panelsonpages), but I also managed to hang out with some of my best internet friends as well as reunite with the Super-Fly Comics people as well. Best of all, my girlfriend Gwyneth was able to come and hang out Saturday afternoon and most of the day Sunday, meeting all the various people I know and experience the show for herself. There was an amusing moment when we walked in after I met her at the door and she just stopped and went “Whoa…” I thought she’d seen some exceptional cosplay or banner or something but then I just realized it was just the enormity of the show itself. It’s funny how we get used to these kinds of things.

I did end up hosting the Q&A panel for Neal Adams, which was a lot of fun and fairly easy to do seeing as how Neal is basically a runaway freight train of conversation. He was “on” the second we hit the stage about ten minutes before it was supposed to start and we ran right up into the allotted time. Huge thanks to him for having me and also a huge thanks to my friend and co-contributor Tito at PoP! who helped me prep for it. Looking back it’s almost a little silly remembering how nervous I was, but once I got to the podium it all pretty much vanished. Given how weirdly and unexpectedly anxious I can be in some social situations it was nice to see that I could actually do something like that. One of the most helpful things was Gwyn insisting on being there and telling me “If you get nervous, just look for me. Talk to me and everything will be okay.”

Everyone at PoP! and Super-Fly had a great show and I think we all set the stage for amazing things to happen in the future. Being there with all those guys and all of those creative people was incredibly energizing and really made me feel alive. I had a couple of signing and meet and greet appearances at the PoP! Booth and those went well, culminating in me meeting some cool comics folks and signing anything folks brought me since I don’t have physical copies of SHADOW OF THE PAST to sell. I didn’t get to see as many people as I’d like and I barely got a chance to spend any time in artist’s alley, but in every way the show was successful. Even any potentially awkward personal drama was deftly sidestepped as I realized “Fuck it, we are just here to work and have fun. Those aren’t mutually exclusive.”

Some of you may have heard that Shia LaBeouf made an appearance at the show and not only is that accurate but the PoP! group was responsible for bringing him there. Needless to say there was a bit of a brouhaha after the fact, and I dashed off an Op/Ed for the PoP! site about the situation. You can also hear me on the PoP!-Cast recorded live Sunday after the show as the tale of The Beef is told and I read the email we all got from him. There will be a Super-Fly podcast up hopefully later today that was recorded that Sunday evening as well, in addition to the show we recorded last night that will go up on Monday.

As for others things, most of that is going to be on hold as I prep to move in the next week. Pretty much all of our plans are up in the air, but one was or the other Gwyn and I will be in our new apartment on the 1st. It’s just going to be a rocky road until then. In the meantime, SHADOW OF THE PAST is still free on Smashwords, and will be through the end of it’s “birthday month.” After that, I’ll have new short fiction debuting on a monthly basis after that. There will be news of the comic horror story I wrote that will be in an anthology later this year, as the art is rolling in and looks freakin’ gorgeous. I’m hoping the artist and I will be able to work together on other stuff after that, possibly funded via Kickstarter.

Lot’s of stuff in the air, but when it settles it’ll do so with a bang.


04 2012

C2E2 Schedule: The Three A’s

With C2E2 this weekend I’m going to be running like made around McCormick Place, but if any of you are in the neighborhood or planning to attend the show, here’s a tentative schedule for where I’m going to be. I’mm probably be live tweeting the panels I’m reporting on from the @PanelsOnPages account, as well as posting pictures on my own twitter (@demonweasel, if for some reason the “Find Me On” thing on the side is too obvious) and tumblr (which is not on the “Find Me On” thing, plus is occasionally NSFW).


2:30-3:30 Panels On Pages Booth (#862)
4:00-5:00 Marvel House of Ideas panel, room S401abc
5:00-6:00 DC All Access panel, room S402ab
6:00-7:00 Panels On Pages Booth, with the Super-Fly Podcast crew (#862)
7:45-8:45 Digital Comics Mark Waid panel, room S401abc


11:00-12:00 Amazing Spider-Man panel, room S402ab
12:45-1:45 DC New 52 panel, room S401abc
2:00-3:00 Before Watchmen panel, room S401abc
2:45-3:45 Marvel Television panel, room S402ab
4:30-5:30 Vertigo Panel, room S401abc
6:30-7:00 Panels On Pages Booth (#862)


10:45-11:45 Neal Adams Spotlight panel, room S402ab
12:00-1:00 Panels On Pages Booth (#862)
1:30-2:30 Marvel Next Big Thing panel, room S401abc

Those two PoP booth appearances are extra tentative, but I’m sure I’ll be around the booth a fair amount when I’m not hanging out
at the Super-Fly Comics booth (#469). If you’re going to be any of those places (or are just wandering the show floor) keep an eye out for me. I may or may not be wearing a suit. I haven’t decided yet.

It’s been especially chaotic lately, given that my current landlord has decided to start doing renovations for the new tenants moving in this May…now. It’s caused some problems this week, which I suppose is par for the course when it comes to wanting to take a vacation day. Of course, I should remind myself there’s not much “vacation-ey” about working a comic convention, even in a freelance press/networking capacity. I expect lots of anxiety, awkwardness and alcohol…in any possible order, really.

All things considered it’s time for a deep breath and try to remember to have a good time. If you see me and I don’t look like I’m having a good time, remind me of that okay?


04 2012

Super-Fly Podcast #96

The Official Super-Fly Comics Podcast #96

Even with Jared in NOLA, Tony, Tad and Travis still manage to have a show, technical difficulties not withstanding. This week, we talk about going to c2e2 and Tony makes a deal on air, the internet is pissed at Mark Waid over digital comics, everyone talks about Avengers vs X-Men, the nominees are out for the Eisner awards and more. Check the show out this week and then meet us at C2E2.

The Super-Fly Podcast: If Travis is right, we’ve all failed.

Opening music: BadBadNotGood – UWM (Feat. Leland Whitty)

Closing music: BadBadNotGood – Flashing Lights

Be sure to check the hashtag #SuperFlyPodcast on Twitter and follow along with the show.

Super-Fly Comics and Games will be attending C2E2 2012. We’ll be at booth #469. Please come and see us.


04 2012