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The Corner: Chapter Six

Chapter Six

In the week after Barnesville had its brush with TERROR the local media had a field day with it. Partly because nothing else particularly thrilling was going on in the world and partly because no one could figure out the point of it. Was it a political statement? Was it just a random act of vandalism? Was it a warning of things to come? Could the Good Chief look any more harried and irritated? It had taken a couple of days but all of the affected areas had been cleaned, and now that it had been scrubbed out of sight it was mostly out of mind for those who had jobs other than TV ratings or finding out who was responsible.

Or if you were Johnny Wicker.

Johnny thought it was the funniest fucking thing he had ever seen and he laughed and carried on about it so many times that the Good Chief brought him into the police station for questioning.

“Ah, he ain’t got shit an he knows it,” Johnny said that evening at Sandy’s. “Just like always, he wants to bring me in and be the big man, try an make it look like he’s doin’ shit, but he’s got his head so far up his own ass he’s deaf an blind.”

We were sitting at one of the back tables, and since Johnny had guided me back there when we got there I hoped he was looking to talk about my other criminal enterprise.

“Anyway,” he lowered his voice, hunched over his fifth or sixth beer, “I been talkin’ to some people about what you said. You figure anything else out yet ‘bout it?”

“Yeah, I’ve got a couple more details worked out, but we’re going to need supplies and shit like that. I haven’t made up a full list yet.”

“Well shit, man, you better get to gettin’. We’ve got just a little over a month before the whole festival thing happens, and after that we’re gonna have to wait a whole other year. I don’t know about you, but I bills to pay fucker.”

“Yeah, I know. Look, how many guys do you think we can get? I mean, I’m new at this, but the more guys we get involved the more it’s going cost us, right? Splitting the take and all that.”

“Splittin’ the take. Listen to you, tryin’ to sound like a goddamn pro. Yeah, that’s usually how it works. I mean, I’m still tryin’ to figure out how you get all that shit when you’ve got crowds of people everywhere.”

“That, strangely, I have worked out.” Hopefully.
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