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The Corner: Chapter Three

Chapter Three

Johnny stared at me and then burst into raucous peals of laughter. “Oh shit. Oh shit, son, that’s gotta be the funniest damn thing you ever said.” For some reason there was a wave of relief that washed over me as I watched him laugh and carry on.

“I’m serious,” I said softly. “Keep your voice down and we can talk about it later.” I’d been worried about how to bring him into the plan and having him laugh about it as opposed to dismiss it out of hand made me feel hopeful.

The last of his chuckling was drowned in a wash of beer. “C’mon, how’s a guy like you, a pizza-throwin’ college boy, gonna come up with something like that?”

“Because I’m smart.”

He stopped, glass halfway to the table.

“So what the fuck does that make me, huh?”
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10 2011

The Corner: Chapter Two

Chapter Two

I’d settled into my post-Corner life quite nicely. Waking up early is 10am. Late is dusk. I got the house in the divorce, which managed to be amicable since we didn’t have to see each other. You’ve got to love no fault divorce laws. The place has seen better days, but haven’t we all?

I try not to spend too much time in the house, which doesn’t have as much to do with the smell or the mess as you’d think. It was cute little place once upon a time and I remember how absolutely bursting with pride I was the day we bought it. I had a wife, I had a daughter, and now I owned property like a real-life grownup. I’d never thought it was going to happen, but then one day, there I was. Homeowner.

Now I take a perverse pleasure with how my outlook has begun to affect my surroundings. What once was a symbol of responsibility and stability is now a monument to giving up. It’s a small two bedroom, but it may as well just have one since there’s one room I never go near anymore. That’s a little difficult since her door is right across from my bedroom, always there and smiling at me with fairy stickers and “Monica” screaming at me in big, puffy sticker letters with soul-destroying cheerfulness.

Most nights I sleep on the couch. And by sleep I mean “drunkenly pass out.”
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10 2011

The Corner: Chapter One

I’ve decided to kick the dust off of here and start working on (in addition to everything else) a novel I’d started a couple of years ago and then sort of let languish. I started thinking about it again the other day and I remembered how much I really liked the idea and how I wanted to pick it back up again. I’ve also been thinking a lot about the nature of creative work on the internet and my expectations for it. The more I ponder it the more I realize that the work is the reward, nothing else. While making a living writing stuff remains my goal, for now I just want to have more things out there. I’ve had a mini-explosion of people this past weekend reading SHADOW OF THE PAST and while it made me feel great it also hit home that as it stands right now that’s all that’s out there of mine.

So let’s change that. THE ROBOZOIC AGE is still being worked on (and I’m very pleased with how it’s turning out), but since prose fiction is one man band I decided to keep working on this next novel, called THE CORNER, and publish it serially for free here. THE CORNER isn’t a supernatural or a horror story, but a small-town noir tale of crime and revenge that asks “What happens to a man when he loses everything good in his life and what lengths will he go to try find peace in his broken life?” At this point I’m thinking we’ll see new chapters every week.

So without further ado, THE CORNER
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10 2011